Cancelled Reservation Search Specification


In Protel front office, you can only search a cancelled (or No Show) reservation if it is in the future.

Once EOD has passed and the reservations have been moved to stobuch, you can no longer search for a past cancelled or No Show reservation.

The accompanying ckit provides this functionality through Add Ons.


1.1.2Functional Description Operation

    The ckit is run from the Add Ons menu in Protel front office. Fields


The ckit needs to be modified to include the ability to search through the below fields

Reservation Number

Cancellation Number

CRS Reservation Number

IDS/CRS Number

Last Name

1.1.33rd Party CRS Reservation Number

The 3rd Party CRS Number is a new function in protel IDS that allow that have the 3rd party reservation number (i.e. from OTA) to be added in the reservation.

This field is a custom UDF field that is setup within the reservation Identifying the UDF field to Search

The UDF field could be called different things in different system and hence we need to define a clear code to match the UDF to, to enable the search to be carried out.

The field should be configured in the User Definable fields in the following manner

The field can then be seen in the reservation in this location in the navigator   Data Table

The information can be found in the Metadata table using the xkey ota


The key is referenced from the metadata.ref to the stobuch.buchnr


1.1.4Search Fields in Stobuch

Item Description Table Name Field Type
1 Reservation number Stobuch Buchnr Int
2 Cancellation Number Stobuch Cxlnr Varchar(20)
3 CRS Reservation Number Stobuch String1 Varchar(20)
4 IDS/CRS Number – It is not known if this is actually used, but is being added that it may be used in the future Stobuch Crsnumber Varchar(50)
5 Last Name Stobuch Kname Varchar(80)
6 OTA Field Metadata xkey=ota Data Varchar(7000)

1.1.5Search Parameters Match

In some fields within protel an exact match is required to identify the respective number. The ckit should allow you to search for a code/number regardless of the upper or lower case definition of the field Search

The ckit should allow for partial search with the use of the ‘%’

i.e if %Rich was searched for in the last name field then you would receive reservations for





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