How do I create/manage a Day Use Room in Protel Air?

There are times when a guest needs a place to freshen up after a long-haul flight or just to rest for a few hours - some hotels may offer Day Use rooms (same day check-in and check-out).

There is currently no functionality within Protel Air for a Day Use room (to set the arrival and departure date as the same day).

This article provides a workaround for managing a Day Use room.

  1. Create a reservation for a one night stay and check the reservation in.
  2. Open the invoice, complete an advanced posting of the room charge (Day Use room rate, e.g. $95.00), and check the invoice out;

  3. Once the guest has departed, you need to move the Day Use reservation to a PM Account. In the Room Plan Screen, click and drag the current reservation to an available PM (Posting Master/Admin) Room;

  4. The reservation has now been moved to a PM Account. Once End of Day (EOD) is complete, the reservation can be checked out.

Note: In order to move a reservation to a PM Account, the relevant rate code must have been made available on the PM Room Type in System Data (e.g. a rate amount must be specified for the applicable rate code and PM Room Type).

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