Creating Promotions

This article will show you how to set up a promotion

Creating the promotion

Open the portal, Expand Catalog, and click on Promotions

Click New to start a new promotion

Enter a name for the promotion

The Start Date and End Date for the promotion (The times and days that the promotion will be available is completed in another section)

Priority should be set to 0

Enter a Description for the promotion

Trigger should be set to Detail

Qty Trigger - In this example where the price is to be reduced to £15 for an item that is sold on certain days the Qty Trigger is set to 0. If you wanted to have a different price if 3 of the same item was sold, you can set this to 3

Type - This example is set to have each item sold reduced to £15 so the type is set to Each. You can have a Combo Trigger, for example a Beer and Burger so if these 2 items are sold together the price will change.

Reward - There are 2 options available, either a Price Override, which will reduce the price to what is set in Amount (This example £15) or you can have an Item Discount which will reduce the price down by the amount set in Amount.

Status - This gives you the option of having the Promotion Active or Inactive

Creating the promotion

Adding Items to the Promotion

Once you have set-up the Promotion you can add Items, Departments or Groups to be included into the Promotion

To add Items to the promotion click on Add Item and choose the item or items you want to be included.

You can have multiple items added to this or you can choose to add a Department to be included.

In this example Royal Afternoon Tea is the item for the Promotion

Adding Items to the Promotion

Setting the Days and Times the Promotion is available

The second tab is where you set the Days of the week and the Times that the Promotion is available. You set the Dates that the Promotion is available as detailed above.

To add in Days or Times that the promotion is available, Click Add Time and choose the day of the week and it will automatically select Start 00:00 and Finish 23:59 You can change the times here to the times that the Promotion is available.

As per the example below you can add in multiple days that the promotion is available on and if you want it to be available on all the days, you leave the default times in place.

Setting the Days and Times the Promotion is available
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