Stock Ordering and Receiving

This article will show you how to create an order in xnPOS to send to suppliers and then accept the order into your Stock

Opening the Stock Receiving function

  • Open up the Inventory panel
  • Click on Stock Receiving
  • Click on New
Opening the Stock Receiving function

Creating the Stock Order

In the new document box that appears after you have clicked new you will complete the following

Type - You have several options available in the drop down, these include  

  • Shipment Note - This is to be used to create orders
  • Return Shipment Note - This will be used if you want to send any returns back to your supplier
  • Supplier Invoice - Not Required
  • Supplier Credit Invoice - Not Required

Location - This drop down you can choose where you want the stock to be delivered into. If you have Multiple Stock Locations you will have a choice in this list.

Supplier - This drop down will have a listing of all your suppliers (Please see article on adding in new suppliers)

Reference - This is a field for an internal Reference

Remarks - This is a field for internal Remarks

Creating the Stock Order

Adding items to the Order

  • Click on New
  • Under Search, type in the name of the item for the order and press enter. (you can enter as much as the name as you can remember and it will bring up any items that meet the search)
  • Highlight the item and click select.

Continue and add all the items you wish to add to this order.

Adding items to the Order

Adding in the amounts to be delivered

Balance - This shows you what stock is currently held

Case - This is for how they item is delivered

In Case - This is how many items are in the Case eg: Case = Box of 24, In Case = 24

Quantity - Enter in here the amount you wish to order

Amount - This is the cost price of each item, you can change this once the order is delivered and this you can then update your Stock Item Cost Price

Total and Retail are automatically changed if required.

Once all item are added to the order you have 2 steps left to take to add the items into stock.

Print - This will print the order off ready to send off to the supplier and save the order. It will then be ready to reopen once the order is delivered.

Load - In this section it will show all previous orders that have been printed and not approved. Choose the order that has been delivered and open it. You can then check the items ordered against the delivery and cost prices and once checked click Approve to add the items into Stock

Adding in the amounts to be delivered
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