India GST Implementation - Test and Results

1.1.1 Invoice and Credit Note

Business Rule

ü   Add settings

ü   CGST and SGST to be appeared in the invoice and credit note


ü   Create formula and split table as in the installation section

ü   Add settings


67 and 68 are reference id of the split table


   A lease period that needs to be printed invoice and credit note


Output 1

ü   Invoice a period

This test is done on the GCCI Training and under the property 3, but the system is set up to print Fiscal Code, so lease module could not launch the invoice form to print out.

But in the PM room which is created to print lease invoice, we can see two additional taxes to be added.

CGST-14% = 145,000 * 0.14 = IDR 20,300

ü   Credit note




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