Purchases - Claims

The Claims module allows the user to process a claim against a returned item. To access the Claims module the user will click on the Purchases tab and then click on the Claims button.



Once the user has entered the Claims module they can proceed to load the invoice that contains the inventory item that they will want to return. The user will firstly load the relevant supplier by clicking on the Supplier nr button and choosing from the list the relevant supplier that the claim will be raised against.

The user will enter into the Invoice Ref Nr field  the invoice number from the GRV'd  invoice.  



This will populate the grid with all the details from the relevant invoice. The user will then proceed to enter the returned number of items in the Returned Qty column.


Þ [Note] Next to the order code there may appear a coloured block which can be referenced to the legend



Once the user is satisfied with the data they will click on the Submit button to finalise the claim. A screen will pop-up with a summary of the claim. The user will click on Proceed if satisfied.




The last screen will indicate a choice to either skip printing  or click OK to print a hard-copy.


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