Trade Analysis

The Trade analysis module offers the user a convenient tool where financial data can be obtained.


The Trade analysis module allows the user to view data on stock movements, consumption analysis and various financial data.

To access the module the user will click on the Trade analysis tab and proceed to click on the Trade analysis button.



The user in the Trade analysis module will begin by clicking on the from and to field and set the date range of the data to view. The user can set the time range too.

By clicking on the Period field the user can set the financial period for the data range. The Financial year field allows the user to choose the financial year for the data report.




Þ [Note] The user can flag the totals only filter to view only totals of the various data fields without a detailed view of transactions. If the flag for 'always refresh on tab change' is on this will allow automatic refreshment of data between tab changes.


The trade analysis view gives a summary of all financial transactions. If the user clicks on the plus sign next to the financial category he will be able to view a more detailed view of the transactions that took place to contribute to the category.




The tools button on the side of the grid allows the user to perform or filter data according to certain conditions applied.

Display branch button - will populate the data grid with a summarized view of data for the branch as a whole.

Display by cost centre - will provide a view of a breakdown of data per individual cost centres.



Display by revenue centre - will be provide a view of a breakdown of data per revenue centres.



Display cost centres by selection - allows a selection of the desired costs centres by flagging the list of cost centres and clicking OK.




Display by department - provides the user to view a breakdown of financial data specific to the department of choice by flagging the department and clicking the OK button.

Flash variances - provides a flash view of variances within the departments. 



The next tab on the trade analysis module gives the user a view of Stock movement. Individual stock items are listed with all the activities that took place for the items to provide the theoretical stock value.




The tools panel next to the grid offers the user various tools that he may utilise according to the needs.

Stock ledger button - to view the Stock ledger of the item that the user has clicked on the grid.

Group by depts button - to view the financial data group by departments.



Display values button - the user can switch between viewing the financial data with a monetary value total or a quantity total.

Recipe links button - provides a quick view of the stock item to any recipes links.



By supplier button - allows the user to load financial data filtered by items distributed by the flagged suppliers.



The user can navigate to the next tab in the trade analysis module by clicking on the Menu engineering tab. This module gives the user a view of important financial data per product breakdown. The user will be able to make informed decision on products according to their revenue rating. When the user clicks on the menu engineering tab will have a pop -up indicating whether the user will like to load supplier specific items. The user can click on yes and select the suppliers if desired.



The information bar bellow the grid gives a total view of the data according to the theoretical formulas and physical formulas giving the difference. Clicking on individual items in the grid will also highlight the relevant revenue rating grid according to its rating being cash cow, star, problem child or dog.


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