Products - Recipe Production

The Recipe production module allows the user to load a production run for any batch item that they produce.

The user must navigate to the Products tab and click on it and then proceed to the Recipe production button, clicking on it.



This will load the grid for the production module.



The user will begin by clicking on the

 button. This will give a pop-up list of the Cost centres that the user can select. The cost centre will be where the production will take place and stored.




By pressing the enter key the user will be in the next field being Description. The user can enter a description of choice and hit the enter key.



Within the Product code field the user can hit the enter key and this will bring up the stock list of available products that can be loaded for production. If the code is known the user can type the code into this field. This will load the production item in the grid, named component requirements, the ingredients for the production item will be loaded.


Þ [Note] The user can enter the quantity produced during the current production by either entering the quantity in the production size field or under the Recipe Quantity column in the grid.


If there is not enough stock on hand of the specific ingredient the Shortage column will be highlighted in pink. The user can generate a stock request automatically from within this module by clicking on the


This will bring up a prompt asking if the user will like to generate a stock request, clicking on yes takes the user to the next step.

A prompt will come up for the user to choose the cost centre from where the stock will be requested. This will be done for every item individually. Once satisfied the user will click on the


Once the request is submitted a screen will pop-up indicating that the production has been saved.


The items requested will be saved in the Stock request module where the user can click on the open button and view the saved requests and double click on the relevant document to process and submit the stock request for a Transfer to be made. If there is no stock within any cost centre then a Purchase order will be generated and the relevant user will need to place a order for the product.

Once the relevant stock items have been transferred the user will proceed to open the saved production item by clicking on the Open saved button in the Production module and clicking on the relevant document and clicking on the OK button.



If the stock on hand allows for production to take place the user will be able to click on the

 button to load the production run into the system.

The user will have an option to print the production sheet and will click on the yes button to do so.



The final pop-up will indicate that the production batch has been produced.


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