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The Transfers module allows the moving of stock from one cost centre to another. Within the user can transfer goods with or without going through the Stock Requisition authorization process. The correct procedure to follow will be to complete a stock requisition and follow the authorization cycle through the entire process.

However it might arise that there is an urgent requirement for stock items and the authorized users required to process all the authorizations might not be available.

If the Stock Request module has been utilised for the movement of stock, the user will be able to open up the stock request for processing into a finalised transfer. On the ribbon click on the Transfers tab and then on the Transfers  button.



Click on Open and go to the Authorized Transfer Requests tab. This will have a list of the stock requests that have been submitted and awaiting finalization of the transfer.



Double click on the document required to be opened or highlight the document and click OK.



This will populate the form with the submitted stock request.



Once satisfied with the stock request the authorized user will enter the Transferred Qty and click on the Submit  button.

This will bring up a prompt indicating a summary of the current transfers. Click on the Proceed button if satisfied.


Next there will be a prompt to either Skip printing of the document or if required click OK to print a hard copy of the transaction for filing.



If the Stock Request module is not utilised, then a transfer can be done by going directly to the transfer function.

The user will click on the Transfers button.



The user will click on the Cost Centres button and click on the correct cost centre from where the stock will be issued.


In the Remarks field the user will enter a descriptive remark of choice and hit the enter key.



After the Remarks field the user will advance to the next field being Cost Centres, the user will make a choice from the drop-down list of costs centres to which the stock will be issued. Hitting the enter key while standing on the Receiving Cost Centre field will bring up the list. Once the relevant cost centre is highlighted the user will click on OK or hit the enter key.



Once the Cost Centre has been selected the user will then be on the Stock Item field where he can hit the enter key to bring the stock list from which the stock items can be chosen.



From the stock list the user will flag the selected items required for transfer under the Selected column.

Once all the information is satisfied and the transfer quantity  entered the user will click on the Submit button and finalise the Transfer.



 A Transfer Info form will populate with a summary of the transaction.


A Prompt will appear to choose Skip Printing  or click OK  to print the request.

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