Inventory - Unlock Count Sheet

If the user has the authorization level he can unlock count sheets for editing. The user can also unsubmit a stock take if necessary.

To access this module the user will click on the Inventory tab and proceed to click on the Unlock count sheet button.



Once the user has clicked on the Unlock count sheet button, it will bring up a pop-up. The user will click on the Cost centre field and select the cost centre for which he needs to unlock or unsubmit the count.



Þ [Note] If a month end roll has taken place the user will need to reverse roll the stock take for the cost centre before he can proceed to unlock or unsubmit.


The user will then click on Stock take field which will show all the takes for that cost centre. The user will select the count that he will like to unlock or unsubmit and click on it.

The user will flag the unlock and unsubmit column according to his needs.

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