How do I know what the Rate Availability Clean Up Ckit does?

When a rate strategy has expired, protel is currently leaving the strategy in ptavail. The result of this is that it is bloating the ptavail table to a larger size than it should.

The effect of this is that time to access Rate Availability is increased, as does the time to set a strategy.

There is also an unconfirmed link that this also effects the F11 search functionality as it has to search through more restrictions


During the day-to-day attendance of support cases, a client advised that their rate availability is taking a long time to load.

After investigation I found that protel is not removing old strategies.

After removing them, and also creating an SQL job that removes old strategies daily, this resulted in a much faster system.


The ckit runs at EOD and searches for any records in ptavail where the date is less than 2 days from today. i.e if todays date is the 23/08/2017 then the system would remove any restrictions that expired on the 21/08/2017

If any records are found, they are removed.

If the customer wants to extend the strategy, they have 2 days to do so before it is removed.

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