How do I set up auto deletion of logfiles for ProtScanServer?

Download this batch file below. It is currently saved as a .txt file

Open the file and amend the path (where the ProtscanServer folder is located) if necessary. Save the change.

Rename the file from ".txt" to ".bat"

In the ProtscanServer folder, add this batch file.

Next, go to Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler

To create a new task, right-click on Task Scheduler Library -> Create Task.

Enter a name for the task and select the option below.

Next, go to the Tiggers tab. Click on New.

Set it to run weekly e.g. on Sunday. Then click on OK.

Now, go to the Actions tab. Click on New.

In Program/script, browse for the deleteprotscanserver.bat file then click OK.

 Hit OK.

 You may be prompted to enter the Windows user password.

Now, we do a test.

In the ProtscanServer folder, we see the logfiles as below.


For testing purpose, we run the task manually.


We check the ProtscanServer folder again.

The relevant files have been removed.



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