Rate Gain - Release Notes for V1.02

New Feature

  • Be able to send extracted file via email to an email address that is configured

New Settings

Property Group Identifier Value Description
Global RateGainOccEx IsSendEmail 0/1 0: sending email function is disable
1: active sending email function
Global RateGainOccEx EmailSender Name of sender user
Global RateGainOccEx EmailSubject Rate Gain Extract for {hotel} The subject of email. user can change this content but don't remove the replacement code {hotel}
{hotel} is replacement code, this code will be replace by property name
Global RateGainOccEx EmailReceiver receiver email address
Global/Property RateGainOccEx EmailBody Dear Mr/Mrs,
Please find attached the Rate Gain Extract for {hotel} for the date of {date}.
Thank you.
The content of email, use can change this content in global/property level but don't remove the replacement code: {hotel} and {date}
The ckit will get setting from property level first. If user don't have this setting in property level, ckit will get from Global level.
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