Comp & House Use (inhouse)

List of Complimentary and House Use reservations, displays the Name of Guest, Room No., Room Type, Quantity, Arrive/Departure Date, No. of Adult, Reservation Status,, Company/ Travel Agent/ Group Name, Reason, Rate Code and Rate Amount.  Total No. of Apartments and Total No. of Adults are summarised.

Report Image

Report Image

Report Name: comphurf.rpt

Report Setup Module

Report Setup Module

Crystal Queries

SetFormula(Datvon,date([#from date:]));

SetFormula(Datbis,date([#to date:]));

{buch.globdvon} <= {@Datbis} and {buch.globdbis} >= {@Datvon} and  ({buch.globbnr} < 1 or {buch.umzdurch} = 1)

and {buch.reschar} <2 and ({ptypgrp.typ} = 1 or {ptypgrp.typ} =4) and {kat.zimmer}=1 and {buch.mpehotel} = MPEHOTEL() and {buch.resstatus}<>2 and {buch.buchstatus}<>2

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