PBX protocol in house roompl.order

List of PBX phone extensions used by In house guests sort by room number orders. It indicates Guest Name, Room No., Phone No., Room Type, Arrival/ Departure Date, No. of Adult/Child, VIP code and Reservation Status. Total No. of Rooms and Adult/Child is summarised.

Report Image

Report Image

Report Name: k00064.rpt

Report Module Setup

Report Module Setup

Switch No. 261

Crystal Queries

SetFormula(inhouse,date([#for in house date:]));

{buch.reschar} <= 1 and {buch.datumvon} <= {@inhouse} and {buch.datumbis} >= {@inhouse} and {TELAPP.TELNO} <> "" and {buch.mpehotel} = MPEHOTEL()

SQL Script

Execute Unconditionally

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