Why it is very important to have all reports highlighted before starting EOD

Any report not highlighted before EOD will not be saved during EOD then it will never be found. Even if user could re-print from internal report, some reports are unable tracing back to the past time.


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    Ascott Sentral Kuala Lumpur (Front Office)

    Dear Xn Desk,
    We need assistance to check report summary accommodation forecast daily for today because its not tally with our protel system for 3days. I unable to print screen or attached report, u can refer below :
    5/10 - Occ % 66.88
    6/10 - Occ % 65.61
    7/10 - Occ % 63.06
    from report

    5/10 - Occ % 88
    6/10 - Occ % 87
    7/10 - Occ % 85
    *from protel *

    Thank you,

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