Comp & House Use (history)

A list of Complimentary & House Use Reservations for the past date range selected. It displays Guest Name, Arrival/Departure Date, No. of Adult/Child, Rate Code, Market Code, Source Code and Company/Group. Total Number No. of Rooms for each Rate Code is summarised.

Report Image

Report Image

Report Name: buoldcpl.rpt

Report Module Setup

Report Module Setup

Crystal Queries

SetFormula(Datvon,date([#from in house Date:]));

SetFormula(Datbis,date([#to in house Date:]));


{buchold.datumvon} <= {@Datbis} and {buchold.datumbis} > {@Datvon} and left({KUNDEN.NAME1},1) <> "_" and ({ptypgrp.typ} = 1 or {ptypgrp.typ} = 4) and {buchold.mpehotel} = MPEHOTEL() and {kat.zimmer}=1

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