protel MPE minimum hardware requirements

This article describes the minimum hardware requirements for a standrad protel Multi-Property Edition installation. The following topics are discussed:

  • Network bandwidth
  • Application server
  • Database server
  • Application messaging server
  • Hotel interface application PC

Network Bandwidth

The data connection that exists between a hotel business unit and the hotel group data centre is established over via a secure, business grade VPN or corporate MPLS network.  A reliable, synchronised link between each hotel and the data centre is mandatory.

Minimum requirement:  1MBit up/down for every 10 protel users

Application server

protel MPE operates over WAN links via a thin-client computing environment.  protel supports either Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Citrix XenApp.   When a hotel user accesses protel, the application runs on a data centre application server. Each user sees only their individual session. The session is managed transparently by the server operating system and is independent of any other client session.

Minimum hardware:

  • 4 CPU cores per 10 protel users
  • 4GB RAM + an additional 500MB RAM per protel user

Add 20% for virtualised servers.

Database server

protel application data is stored and managed on a MS SQL Server. protel supports a single host, sinlgle instance implementation or one the following high availability schemes:

  • SQL server failover cluster instance (active/passive)*
  • AlwaysOn Availablity groups
  • Database mirroring

* Requires shared storage in the form of a storage area network (SAN).

Minimum hardware:

  • Up to 200 rooms or 20 protel users: 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM
  • Up to 500 rooms or 40 protel users: 4 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM
  • Up to 1000 rooms or 100 protel users: 8 CPU cores, 32 GB RAM
  • Over 1000 rooms or over 100 protel users (requires additional technical consultancy)

Placing SQL Server binary, data, transaction log, and tempdb files on separate storage devices will deliver maximum flexibility and performance.  

Application messaging server

Application messaging between all active protel sessions and protel interfaces is via a service referred to as the "ComServer."  Every MPE implementation has exactly one ComServer to manage this SOAP-based messaging system.

Minimum hardware: 4 core CPU, 8GB RAM

Interface PC

3rd-party systems interface with protel via one or more on-site interface applications.  This is typically accomplished via socket-base communication (available over the hotel's local area network and an ethernet cable); however,  some older 3rd-party systems may required serial-based communications utilising a serial cable.  

Minimum hardware:

  • 1 x Interface PC per 4 on-site interfaces (example: POS, key-encoding, PABX, guest broadband)
  • 4 core CPU, 4GB RAM
  • Operating System: any modern workstation operating system
  • Where required: Serial port (RS-232) availability to facilitate serial communication for older 3rd-party systems.
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