How do I obtain Rate Plan Information from Best Western Memberweb for Protel Air Configuration?

At certain stages of the Protel Air Configuration for an BWI Installation, you need to access the property's BW Memberweb.

Access Codes are available for the Hotel Administrator or the local BW representation, (in Australia - BWAUS).

Once you have access details, go to an Internet browser and use the following URL:

This will give you access to the Logon screen

Memberweb Log-in

Memberweb Log-in

Enter your Login ID and Password accordingly and Login.



This window will display.

On the Top right select MemberWeb

Table of Content

Table of Content

From the Table of Content select Revenue Management.

Select View Rate Plans and the Rate Plan Informations are visible.

In order to accertain the Virtual Rate Pricing Conditions you look at the LINK Row, where you can see if the condition is FIXED or PERCENTAGE based and the value of the calculation.

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