How do I map a Rate Code / Rate Plan for BWI-CRS Interface in Protel Cloud ?

In order to have a true two way Inteface environment, it is neccessary to map the Rate Plan (BW) / Rate Codes (Protel) in the Protel Cloud Centre.

***IMPORTANT*** This is one of the Deadline Activities for a New Installation and need to be performed not later than 3 week before Go Live.

Protel Germany has to perform the initial Sync, before you can proceed (New Installation).

For existing properties this can be done at anytime when a new Rate Code is needed.

Pre-Implementation Pack

From the Rate Plan tab accertain the

A. RatePlan,

B. Virtual Rate Calculation method

C. Send to CRS

D. Update GDT / CXL

needed for this property.

Select an Internet Browser and use the following URL:

Protel Cloud Center

Protel Cloud Center

Sign into the the Cloud center with the details given by Protel Germany

From the Menus aross the Top selct the Online Booking Function

Online Booking - Rates

Online Booking - Rates

Then select Rates and Rate Codes

From here you select Rates.

All Rate Plans from the Pre-implementation Pack need to be added to the mapping.



Untick the "Show only rate codes for WBE", to be able to see the Rate Groups from Protel Air (PMS) and enter the BWI Rate Groups.

Here click NEW

Create New

Create New

Select BWI from the dropdown menu in ChannelType, and enter the first Rate Group/Level Code from BW in Code.

Click Save to proceed.

Once created select the Rate Group from the List headed BWI and select Channel on the top right.



Match Channel

Match Channel

Select the equivalent PMS vale in the Match with dropdown list.

Tick the  Export Options as applicable. see Figure 1

A. Rate Code/Plan

B. Discount Type - Export discount value

C. Export to CRS

D. Export Guarantee to CRS

All data is saved and you can proceed with the next mapping by selecting NEW or leave the application using the X

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