How to set-up a discount

Setting up a Discount

  1. Sign in to Portal and click on Catalog > Pricing > Discounts Setup

To add a new discount click on Insert and complete the following:

  1. Description - Enter a description to appear on both Till and reports
  2. Type - This can either be a % amount or a Fixed Amount or Price Overide
  3. Amount - If you have entered Amount in the Type field you would enter an Amount to be discounted. eg: £10
  4. Percent - If you have entered Percent in the Type field you would enter the % discount you want applying
  5. Limit & Trigger are advanced options (Please contact XN protel for further information)
  6. Reference - Tick this box if you wish for a pop up box to appear when applying the discount that the till user can enter a text reference in
  7. Department - Click the down arrow and this will display a list of your current departments. Tick each department you want the discount to apply to. Any departments that you do not tick no discount will be applied to those.

There are 4 additional Headings but these are all advanced setup features and to be used only by XN protel

When complete Click Save and the discount is added to the system.

Adding to the Screen

The second stage once the discount is setup is to create a button on the till screen for the discount. Please refer to the helpguide "How to Create Panel Buttons" In "Item Management"

Once you create the button you will complete the below to add the discount

  1. Function - Click the drop down and choose Discount from the list of fucntions
  2. Elements - Click the drop down and this will display all added discounts and you can choose the discount to be applied
  3. Value - Automatically completed
  4. Label - This will automatically be completed with the text from the Item, but this can be amended to anything you want to be displayed on the till screen.
  5. Complete the rest as per a Normal button setup.
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