How to Close the Workstation and Shift

This article will show you how to close the workstation and declare the tender amounts for the shift

Closing the Workstation

Sign into the terminal

Navigate to the managers panel

Select Workstation Shift Close


Closing the Workstation

Entering the declaration

After selecting the Workstation Shift Close button, the tender and amounts will appear in the journal window that have been taken in this shift. To declare against this tender make sure it is highlighted and then type in the amount you have physically taken on the numeric keypad below (using the decimal point) and then select enter, this will then move you down onto the next tender. Once you entered all the declarations and are on the last tender method, you will be able to select OK to commit this amounts and this will print out your Z read and close the shift down. If you are on the master terminal this will also synchronize the database automatically.

Entering the declaration

synchronization after closing the shift on a master terminal

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