How to Open Electronic Journal on Portal

This article explains how to view transactions within the Electronic Journal

Electronic Journal

Date Range

Now you have a choice of how to enter the date range by either using the drop down of pre-selected dates eg: Today, Yesterday, Last Week or Last Month or use the From and To dates using the Calendar

Date Range

Viewing the Transactions

When the date has been selected all transactions will show on screen.

As you move down the view, each transaction will show on the right hand side of the page.

Column Options

You have the option of being able to click on the Headings eg: Transaction Type, Open, Close, Operator  and this will order it by the selected heading.

Filter Options

If the journal needs to filtered down to find something particular you have a Filter option. When clicked, it will display as below. You can then choose any of the choices to narrow down the items returned to the Journal Report eg: Choose an Operator to see what an individual has done over a period.


Showing details of Transaction

When you highlight a transaction you can expand on details of the steps that have happened to that transaction.

Select a Transaction and select Show Events.

This will then display the events for the transaction including a time and Operator

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