How to Create a New Panel

Viewing Panels & Buttons

To view the buttons on a panel, carry out the following:-

  1. From the panel down the left, go to Configuration > POS Setup > Panel Buttons Setup.  The Panels tab is selected and all existing panels are listed:                                                

Tip:  The panels can be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the Description column heading, or can be filtered by typing part of the panel description into the filter field, and clicking on the Filter button:

  1. If there are more panels that can be listed on one page, the navigation bar at the bottom will display the number of panels and the navigation buttons to move to subsequent pages:-
  1. Select the panel you wish to view from the list of available panels down the left.
  2. Click on the Buttons tab:
  1. The buttons for the selected panel are displayed.
  2. The right hand side of the screen shows the button properties of whichever button is currently selected.

Creating a New Panel

To create a new panel, carry out the following:-

  1. From the  panel down the left, go to Configuration > POS Setup > Panel Buttons Setup.
  2. Ensure the Panels tab is selected and click on the Insert button.
  3. A new record is created at the top of the panels list, as shown in the example below:-  
  1. Enter a Description for the panel.

Tip:  Panel descriptions should be unique, and avoid using the word “New” in a panel description, e.g. “New Bar Food Menu” as once this menu is superseded, it becomes very confusing as to which panels need to be removed.  In some instances where there are multiple sites within a single database, you may need to prefix the panel description with a site abbreviation, e.g. “LDN Breakfast Menu” to distinguish the panels for each site.

  1. Define the panel size by entering X (horizontal number of buttons) and Y (vertical number of buttons) values.  It is not recommended to have a panel more than 7 x 8, ideally, a panel would be smaller than this to allow button labels to be displayed correctly, e.g. 6 x 6.
  2. Click on the Save button.

The new panel has now been created.

  1. Select the new panel and click on the Buttons tab. The screen will display the current panel buttons (which will be blank at this stage), and the button properties section at the right-hand side:


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