How to create a new set of Kitchen Instructions or Modifiers for a sale item

This article will show you how you can create a new set of instruction for the kitchen that can be applied to an item when it is sold.

Sign in to Portal and expand Keyboard

Sign in the the Portal and expand out the Keyboard menu and open up Meal Group Lines, Meal Groups and Meals

Sign in to Portal and expand Keyboard

Adding a Meal Group

1. Click on the Meal Group and click New

2. Enter in the name of the instruction

3. Enter the minimum and maximum selections allowed for this modifier. To have the user choose just one instruction select 1 and 1. To allow no selection up to 2 enter 0 and 2

4. Click Save

Adding a Meal Group

Create the Meal Group Lines for the Kitchen Instruction

Click the Meal Group Line

1. Click the Meal Group drop down and choose the one you have just created

2. Click New and enter a name for the instruction

You will have to create each of the items that you wish to include in the Kitchen Instruction, Please see the following guide for this. How to Setup New items

3. Once you have created each item, click on Item and find the item you have created and click save

Repeat this for all the instructions you want to be included.

Create the Meal Group Lines for the Kitchen Instruction

Create the Modifier

1. Click New

2. Enter a name for the Modifier

3. Click Group 1 and choose the Meal Group that you have just created.

You can then enter further Meal Groups so that as an example you can have a Cooking time for the steak that the user chooses and then a Sauce option.

Click Save when complete

Create the Modifier
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