Cost Centre - Settings

By the user clicking on the Stores settings button he will be able to input additional settings for the cost centre.

Settings Window

Settings Window

Store is a warehouse - if the store has been designated as a warehouse then the user will be able to print all warehousing reports.

Store is a concessionaire - a concessionaire is a Cost Centre within the building to whom the user will be selling stock items. These cost centres are not part of the company, but operate within the building and the user will therefore be able to charge additional costs if they will be using company facilities that could impact upon the cost centres profitability. By clicking on the Settings button, which becomes available when the user selects this flag, he will be able to set-up the additional charges for this cost centre.

  • Add handling fee - allows a handling fee to be added to all stock items that are issued to this cost centre. The handling fee will be to cover staffing costs as well as wear and tear on the equipment.
  • Settlement discount % - can be negotiated for immediate payment or if no settlement discount is paid then the Terms of payment will be inserted into the terms field.
  • Purchase at selling price - used if the item is to be purchased at the selling price.
  • Add item markup % - allows each department within the branch to have a specific Markup %. The markup % can only be applied to a Major Department, Sub-Department or a Minor Department. It can not be applied to an individual stock item. To set-up a markup % on a department the user will navigate through the departments by clicking on the + signs and then entering the markup % into the available fields. Once the user has inserted the markup percentages he will click on the Save button to update the settings. Click on the Close button once all information has been updated.

If the cost centre has been set to accept incoming transfers, then the cost centre will also be able to accept the transfer of recipes from another cost centre.

Transfer as a whole unit - this feature will be used where the cost centre that is receiving the transfer does not have a preparation kitchen and all recipes are prepared at a different cost centre. E.g. The Main Kitchen, which is the production kitchen, and the Banqueting cost centre, which is the cost centre that will receive the stock items.

Prompt for container - transferring cost centre will be prompted for a container to transfer stock items to another cost centre. The user can then choose to accept the request or not.

POS product prefix - for each POS departmental download the user will be able to attach a identifying prefix where the download has come from.

Revenue centre no - links the revenue centre number during POS downloads.

Password - this allows the user to set-up a password to control access to all cost centres. This will prevent unauthorized access to cost centres. To set up the password for this cost centre click on the Password button at the bottom of the cost centre settings screen. The user will be presented with the following screen so that he can enter the password.





The user will enter the password and confirm it. He will also be able to set an expiration date for the password if desired. Once done the user will click on the Save button.


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